1. Customer: Cristin Mitchell. 2017-01-12 21:09:38
    I'll summarize what could be a lengthy review with. I like (like not love) the wig, it's not worth the price though so I'm glad I waited for a sale to buy it. Let's see if this honest and informative review stays up because I'm actually kind of shocked about all of the basically 100% positive reviews one here. Pros: 1. you get length and then some. I paid extra for 14 inches and it was WAY longer than I expected. I could have done with a 10 inch 2. Medium standard density was very full. Thicker than expected for the base price. Amazing body and volume for their base density. 3. Shipping was in line with what was detailed. Package was delivered safely and neatly. When the wig was finished it zipped over to the states so fast! 3. The hair is decent quality (decent not great). It's very soft and natural feeling as expected from human hair. 4. Hair takes heat well and does hold a curl. I curled it with no added product and the curls lasted all day and I had pretty waves for 2 more days. Cons: 1. Price. If I had to say what I would pay for this, it would be around $150. See below for why. 2. The hair tangles. I specifically wanted a straight wig to avoid tangles. The tangles aren't a deal breaker but they're real. 3. The hair sheds. You'll have hair coming out daily. 4. The ends look frayed but I think a good trim could fix the bad ends.  A few additional comments from my experience. I measured my head as directed and ordered an average cap. It was way too big! I made things work and maybe it was to do with me having short natural hair but I was shocked at how much extra unwanted space I had. And lace doesn't have much mercy. I bought this as a good everyday wig. I don't wear it to bed or use glue or gel on it to avoid damage to the lace. I do use lace tape a couple times a week and it's holding up well. It lays nicely with lace tape (despite all the extra space). It's easy to style and doesn't at all look wigy. Doesn't look natural but it also doesn't look like some fake mop. After owning this for a few weeks now I'm pleased with the construction but not impressed. I've been very gentle with this wig and I can already see some loosening in the cap where parts are sewn together. For a $300 plus wig, I'd expect to not see much of the signs of wear until months in, not weeks. I follow care instructions, I don't play with it, sleep in it, add heat daily, workout it in and it already looks "used". I'm sad that I already have to plan a replacement because I really enjoyed this wig and it looks great on. It's versatile and good for all occasions. I even work in a professional setting and get complimented on it. All in all I wish the quality matched the price but there are enough things that I like about this wig that I don't regret this purchase. If I feel compelled to give this on a second shot, I think I'd get it shorter, petite cap and with a silk top.
  2. Customer: . 2016-06-07 01:18:51
    no doubt will come back again
  3. Customer: . 2016-06-07 01:14:27
    Just receive the beautiful wig, very nice.
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  5. Customer: . 2016-05-24 19:41:31

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