14 inches curly full lace human hair wig with highlight -HH035

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14 inches

#2 with Highlight #3

100% density

medium brown lace color

full lace cap with stretch in crown

average size

Our stock standard wig is not precolored with 100% density.
If you are ordering a fuller density , please allow us some more days to crochet more hair onto the wig cap to make it as full as what you want.
It takes about 5 working days for 130% density , about 7 working days for 150% density and about 10 working days for 180% density.
If it is a colored wig , color processing time is extra 5 working days more.
Once your order is shipped out , you will receive an tracking notification via email . Shipping time is about 3-4 working days for U.S. and international orders.
We accept return or exchange of the product that is intact . With that being said , if you want to return or exchange a product, please do not cut the lace off or alter the product in anyway . Otherwise , the return or exchange request will not be authorized.

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